The story really begins back in 1988 when San Jose, California resident Helmut Glew decided to enter a contest conducted by San Jose rock radio station KOME 98.5 FM. The KOME Classic Album Exchange contest happened every weekday at about 4:35 when Weird Old Uncle Frank Bennett selected and read one of his listeners' short stories explaining how their record album was somehow lost or destroyed, and replaced it for them on compact disc.
    Helmut mailed in his story, and shortly thereafter, he won! He then used a different name and address and won a second time. Over the course of about 3 years Helmut actually won more than 100 cds -- believe it or not (click
here for some samples).
    Not long after he began his compact disc quest, Helmut thought he'd try his hand at taking film and TV courses at nearby De Anza College in Cupertino, California.....and the rest is history.
    Although attempts at a book on the KOME album exchange matter failed, Helmut is still slowly bringing his hundreds of jokes and short stories to life on 16mm film and launching them into cyberspace via the internet. Check back often to see what he's up to!